Sunday, April 11, 2010

Earthquake Kits----A Checklist For Family Safety

Earthquake kits or survival kits should be an integral part of your family’s emergency and evacuation plan. Recent major earthquakes in California, Sumatra, and Haiti have made the public more aware of the fact that we are not prepared for catastrophic events. Governments are many times not able to respond quickly to the immediate needs of the people. Many people feel that they are not at risk to these events, however, regardless of where you live you must not only consider an earthquake threat, but hurricanes, brush fires, tornados, floods, house fires, or even just a loss of electrical power or water availability.

Consider the following items as an essential list for your earthquake or survival kit:

• A complete earthquake kit to last your family at least 3 days. A larger kit for a large family. Depending on size and cost these kits will typically include: A full size sleeping bag, water cubes, tablets to preserve or purify water, first aid kit, personal hygiene items, multipurpose knife, high calorie food bars, blankets, flashlight and portable radio with batteries.
• Water: You should have a least 1 gallon per person per day. Store your water out of sunlight and make sure you have easy access to it.
• Medications: Have prescriptions for the family in one place if possible including a list of the of the prescriptions and dosage.
• Cell phone with charging cord for both outlets and automobile. Have phone numbers for family, friends and emergency contacts for law enforcement, fire, doctor, and hospitals.
• Important papers: Drivers license, passports, birth certificates, trust documents.
• Keys: For house, automobile, business, safety deposit box ,storage facility.
• Pets: Water, food, medications, collar with leash, blanket, and tags.
• Thumb drive from computer---back up your system regularly.
• Cash and credit cards.
• Walking/gym shoes
• Have a plan for an emergency: Children may be in school, parents at work or shopping. Your plan should include where to meet if possible. The entire family should be aware of where your earthquake kit is and what other items are required at a moments notice.
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